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Motorcycle security and its relevance to insurance

Bikes can be a little more susceptible to theft than their four-wheeled counterparts. Therefore, it's strongly advisable to invest in security measures to ensure that your wheels aren't the subject of theft. And making an investment in security won't just make your bike safer - it may also make your bike insurance cheaper.
Bike insurance is a legal requirement, and riding without it is punishable by a fine and quite possible a ban. A third-party policy is the mandatory minimum required by UK law, but this option won't cover your bike if the worst should happen. You'll need a third party, fire and theft policy, or a comprehensive policy to provide cover for your own vehicle. So, for peace of mind in regards to your investment, a higher level of cover should be considered. Insurers may even offer optional extras like a replacement bike whilst yours is off the road or even European cover if you plan on doing any trans-continental motorcycling.

Firstly, it's important to understand why improved motorcycle security should help you achieve a lower insurance policy. Insurance companies calculate the price of your insurance with a number of factors relating to the risk of you having to make a claim. The insurance grouping of the motorcycle (which itself is dependent on its value, availability and performance) along with your age and driving history are taken into account. Insurers will also ask where you live, as areas with a higher incidence of crime will mean your bike is at greater risk of theft.
If you have fitted approved security devices, it will mean that your bike is less of a risk. Likewise, if you keep your bike locked up in a garage overnight, it will be reflected in your premium.


Scooters are great options for urban environments due to their agility and low running costs. Due to their low power, they can also be cheap to insure. They are very popular with young motorcyclists, too.
However, they can also be a target for thieves. The typically light weight of a scooter means that they can easily be loaded into a van, so it's essential to make sure it is locked to something which is fixed down.
This can be done with a heavy-duty chain strung through one of the wheels. They are relatively cheap to buy, and can be easily fitted. You could also invest in an anchor system for storage at home, or if you have access to a garage, lock it away.

Road Bikes

Heavy-duty chains and locks are also worthwhile additions to a larger road bike. However, it's also advisable to invest in an alarm system. You could also make the bike traceable through a process like the application of Smart Water, a colourless liquid which will make the bike more traceable for police or a similar marking process.

Classic Bikes

Classic bikes are less likely to be used day-in-day-out than new models. As they're rarer, they are attractive to thieves. Therefore, it's advisable to take extra precaution by keeping the bike locked up in a garage when it's not being used, as well as taking measures like using chains, Smart Water and anchoring.

It also pays to shop around for your bike insurance. Comparison websites have made it easy to browse lots of quotes from a wide range of insurers with the minimum of fuss. But always make sure that you compare the features of each quote as well as the price so you know that it provides adequate cover should you need to call on it. You should also be very sure that you're aware of the exclusions - that is, the circumstances in which you are unable to make a claim - to avoid any unwelcome surprises.



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